Season 2 Episode Guide
The New Adventures of Lassie Season 2 Episode Guide


1. "Friends Forever," part 1
When little Olive wants to adopt a frightened puppy called "Buddy" at Grand Mountain Park's Puppy Adoption Day, her father demurs as he was hoping for a larger dog for protection–more like Lassie. So Zoe tells them the story of when she found Lassie as a puppy during a forest fire, traumatized by her experience. The Barn Gang are determined no one should leave until all the puppies are adopted.

2. "Friends Forever," part 2
Zoe continues telling her story about her and young Lassie escaping the fire by poling down the river to a lumber camp, and then using an abandoned truck to signal at a rescue helicopter. Unfortunately during her tale young Buddy is set loose in the forest, and Graham, Zoe, Harvey, Olive, and her day must trail him to where he's trapped in the middle of a river.

3. "The Great Scavenger Hunt"
It's the anniversary of the founding of Grand Mountain Park and Zoe and Harvey are finally old enough to enter the annual scavenger hunt. But snooty, scheming Samantha Humphrey and trail guide Nick Connolly are beating them at every turn, until Zoe and Harvey find out their secret (a hidden two-way radio in Harvey's backpack). They also find out Sarah Parker has a secret of her own: she's an ace rock climber. The Barn Gang go on their own scavenger hunt and end up with the prize (sorta).

4. "Maiden Flight"
Zoe buys Harvey an eagle kite for his birthday, but his mom buys him an even better present: two tickets on a hot air balloon flight. But he wants Zoe to go with him, and she doesn't know how to tell him she's afraid. But she must conquer her fear when she, Harvey, and Nick are trapped in the balloon basket in a fast-developing storm. Meanwhile the rest of the Barn Gang try to teach Biff the Pug to fly after he sees Lassie hanging from the tail of Harvey's kite.

5. "A Wild Encounter"
Lassie helps rescue a girl on a runaway horse while she's along with Zoe, Harvey, and Sarah releasing a tagged eagle. The girl, Carmen, seems very cagey, and when two ranchers come by claiming they own the horse, Fury, she runs off. The kids catch up with her to find out Carmen was taking Fury back to the wild because the ranchers were abusing him. The kids and Lassie outwit the ranchers and Graham discovers the horse was captured on Federal land, which was illegal. Inadvertently the Barn Gang help by attaching a tracker to the horse.

6. "Trick or Treat"
Zoe and Harvey help Mrs. Lee out by taking her little niece Penny out for trick or treat in town. But the child moves like quicksilver and soon outruns them, going to the carnival grounds where they stock her favorite candy. She raids a candy stand and then falls asleep, and is trapped, on the carnival ferris wheel. The Barn Gang also go out when they find out they give out candy at Halloween and accidentally help in the search.

7. "Whiteout"
Harvey's on vacation with cousins in the Caribbean as Grand Mountain Park prepares for a blizzard. Zoe and Lassie take an emergency message to Graham, who orders them to stay at the ranger station until more help comes. But Zoe and Lassie leave to rescue an injured wolf cub and are trapped out in the blizzard. They take refuge in a cabin, but are set upon by an avalanche and ride it out in a canoe. When she gets into trouble, Zoe tries to think what Harvey would advise. Eventually the wolf cub saves them when the wolf pack surrounds them. The Barn Gang tries to have a party to keep warm.

(Nice touch in some usually unrealistic animal reactions: Lassie acts submissive to the wolf, who doesn't attack her.)

8. "Trespassing"
An outraged Harvey sees a striking young woman tear a page from a library book, one that pictures a Native American artifact. The kids suspect she might be looting, find out her name is Annika Mortimer, and trail her to a closed Native American artifact site. Zoe plucks an artifact to take back to her dad and they are chased by Mortimer. The kids are split up and Mortimer captures Zoe; Harvey and Lassie must find a way to rescue her–and the treasures. The Barn Gang's treasure hunt is less successful.

(Annika bears a remarkable resemblance to Cruella DeVil.)

9. "The Blueberry Pie Challenge"
On the first day of the Fruit Festival, Zoe intends to enter the Blueberry Pie Challenge, which is a Parker family tradition. Each winner in her family has added a unique ingredient to the pie. But Samantha Humphrey and Nick Connolly follow in a microlite when Zoe and Harvey go off for wild blueberries and sabotage the bridge they need to cross. But then they must rescue Samantha and Nick when the girl's berries attract a hungry baby bear and his angry mother. The Barn Gang also decides to make a pie.

10. "Old Doc Dudley"
Eccentric Doctor Dexter Dudley is the only holdout in selling land that will become a nature preserve surrounding the Park. When Zoe and Harvey befriend him and discover he's a scientific conservationist and shouldn't be against the preserve, he reveals to them that the "preserve" executives actually intend to build a water bottling plant there instead! Lassie goes for help while Zoe and Harvey keep the executives busy with his rather cockeyed computerized inventions. The Barn Gang also wants their barn declared a nature preserve.

11. "Inside the Dam"
Graham takes the kids to visit the new hydroelectric dam, which thrills Harvey no end, but downstream Nick Connolly is less happy: the fisherman he's guiding isn't finding any game in Nick's favorite trout pool. So Nick sneaks in the dam to run a little more water in the stream, but instead breaks the machinery so the dam starts to gush water and threatens to break. Lassie must overcome her violent aversion to the high-pitched sound made by the turbine engines to help rescue the kids. The Barn Gang tries to wreck the old tractor Graham restored because it makes Lassie run away (it also makes that high-pitched sound).

(Zoe's "not a book person"? Nice example for girls, guys! Zoe sings the theme song to Lassie for comfort.)

12. "The Precious Gift"
Graham and Beth take the kids and Lassie hiking up near the glacier where Harvey's dad used to explore, which brings back both happy and sad memories for Beth. The kids help Graham set up barriers to the area when he notices the glacier is unstable, until they notice Beth has gone up the glacier trail by herself–to rescue an ice sculpture her husband carved when they became engaged. But the four become trapped inside the glacier and it's up to Lassie and ingenuity to get them out. The Barn Gang tries to give Biff encouragement to talk to Lassie; he decides to become a rescue dog to have something in common with her.

(There's a riff on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Harvey makes a last try to save the statue.)

13. "Picture Perfect"
Harvey uses his dad's old camera to compete in a photography contest; the winning photo will be on the new park visitor's guide. Doc Dudley provides him with 35mm film and develops the old roll found in the camera. Now Harvey can see how his dad put his heart into his photos. Scheming Samantha is also in the contest with a new hi-tech camera, so Harvey pairs his older camera with Doc's innovative drone. But Samantha interferes with its radio-waves and the drone sets down in the middle of the park's geyser field and Harvey races to rescue the camera. The Barn Gang steals a camera to take their own photos.

(Mrs. Lee chooses Houdini's accidental selfie to be on the back of the visitor center brochure. Why? Hamsters aren't native to the park!)

14. "The Star Attraction"
Lassie herds two runaway zebra back to the Weaver circus train, and George Weaver wants to make her his star attraction. The Parkers refuse to sell, so Weaver and his compatriots lure Lassie into the woods and tranquilizer her, then leave town. Graham has the train searched, but when they find nothing, so the train gets to move on, but Zoe and Harvey stow aboard and find Lassie–and other park animals–caged under the ringmaster's cabin. The Barn Gang try to help Looper fulfill his dream of joining the circus–and end up helping free the other animals.

15. "Mrs. Lee's Secret"
Mrs. Lee is the last surviving member of a group of six who once prospected for gold in Snake Canyon, but found none. She lets Zoe and Harvey borrow her journal to explore. Charles and Alfred Dumont, son of the recently deceased fifth group member, force Mrs. Lee to take them to the mine to claim their inheritance. Zoe, Harvey, and Lassie must hide that Mrs. Lee and her group discovered oil, but kept silent when they realized oil wells would ruin the natural beauty of the park. The Barn Gang also want to try gold mining; all they get is thirsty.

(Wow. Mrs. Lee was a member of a tontine!)

16. "The Reunion"
Zoe is speechless when she discovers her old friend Judith, who moved away several years before, is now confined to a wheelchair since a car accident three years earlier. But Judith retains her old joie de vivre and, on a trail walk, diverts down a steep hill. Her wheelchair can't manage the return slope and they have to find another way back. Judith's reckless behavior eventually gets them charged by a moose and Zoe and Harvey stuck in quicksand. The Barn Gang swipes a cherry picker.

17. "The Epidemic"
When an eagle collapses in front of Lassie and the kids, they take it to Dr. Parker's clinic; three other animals are sick there. The three find blue foam floating around Cedar Falls and tire tracks heading away from the area. Zoe finds blue paint at the new wedding venue construction at the hotel and blames Nick when he drives away with paint cans. Harvey and Graham argue that they must have real evidence. The paint turns out to be non-toxic–it's actually seeds from a non-native plant for Humphrey's venue causing the problem. Hearing about an epidemic, the Barn Gang quarantines themselves.

18. "A Rare Sighting"
Zoe, Harvey, and Lassie find a white buffalo calf in the park's herd, and he's tagged to protect him from poachers. Unfortunately two men overhear Harvey talking to his mom about a rare animal, and follow "Magic's" tracking signal. Harvey who nixes going for help and the kids determine to save Magic on their own. Harvey tries taking the tracker to divert the poachers while Zoe and Lassie get Magic back to safety. But the poachers capture Harvey and Zoe; it's up to Lassie to save them–and Magic. The Barn Gang helps Biff turn white so Lassie will think he's special.

(This is a switch. Usually Zoe is the one that wants to run on her own and Harvey tells her they need to get adult help.)

19. "Like Father, Like Daughter"
Graham's afternoon off with Zoe turns into a rescue mission when the careless snowboarder who nearly ran down Zoe, Lassie, and Harvey earlier (spraining Harvey's ankle) goes off-trail into dangerous thawing snow. They take chase in the helicopter and then on skis and finally on foot; when they finally stop the snowboarder crevasses open up and Graham is trapped in one. But it's Zoe who gets them out. The Barn Gang steal the cherry picker again. (Why? Oh, why?)

(They never show the snowboarder's face–it sounded like an older woman to me. If this was Molly of Denali I would suspect it was Auntie Midge!)

20. "Deja Vu"
An aggressive wolf attacks first a vixen and then Lassie, and Graham orders the park closed until the wolf is caught. But Sarah has gone out in the park to treat an injured doe; when she finds out about the wolf she wants to help it. The fox turns up at the clinic and Zoe recognizes her as "Foxy," who the Parkers rescued when she was a kit, and she frantically leads the kids into the woods–to protect her baby from the wolf, who is aggressive due to a badly injured jaw. The Barn Gang wants to capture a wolf, which Houdini declares is "just like a puppy dog."

21. "Face Your Fear"
Graham asks Sarah to drop by a bats' cave at Devil's Grin Gulch after they are reported as acting strangely. Harvey fears going because of rumors of a prehistoric monster in the gulch, but the kids explore nevertheless and find an injured bat. After helping the bat, Sarah takes the kids back to the cave where they find Nick camping in the cave (preparatory to opening up the area for tours, which is illegal). They also find someone's abandoned python, which they must catch before it depredates the bats. Sarah must conquer her fear of large snakes to capture it. The Barn Gang also face "monsters" in their barn.

22. "Wild Camping"
Adventurous Aunt Kim arrives in a microlite to invite Zoe and Harvey on a camping trip to Quartz Mountain. Zoe talks her aunt into taking them all the way to the peak, to better see the stars. The view is spectacular, the stargazing terrific–and then at dawn, with a storm moving in, Kim is bitten by a coral snake. Lassie and the kids care for Kim while Graham and Sarah mount a rescue through the storm in a helicopter. The Barn Gang decides to go camping, too.

23. "The Visitor Center"
Harvey and Zoe are celebrating five years of friendship when a landslide badly damages the visitor center; there's no money in the budget for repair. Beth will have to take a job across country. Zoe proposes to Robert Humphrey that he help rebuild the center, but instead he's mounting his own activities (for a fee, of course) without paying attention to safety regulations. Sure enough, Nick and Samantha crash in a microlite on the glacier, and Beth's the only one who can rescue them. Graham successfully proposes that Humphrey repair the visitor center in lieu of being hit with massive fines (Nick has no licenses). The Barn Gang try to fix up the center themselves.

(On CBS All Access, the credits on this are in French. Since Harvey arrived at the park the day Zoe found Lassie, that makes the collie five years old, and Zoe was five years old when she was found.)

24. "A Shaky Reputation"
An earthquake opens the entrance to the old gold mine. Zoe and Harvey warn Samantha and Nick of aftershocks when they snoop around an old tunnel. Samantha confesses she's looking for a statue her father was accused of stealing. They find a map in the cave before an earthquake blocks the tunnel with Samantha, Lassie and Zoe inside until Samantha and Nick manage to flee out the mine opening, which is then also buried in rocks. Zoe, Harvey and Lassie find another way out–and the statue, and escape after one more aftershock, Nick and Samantha having gone to Graham for help. The Barn Gang has nightmares after the quake.

25. "False Accusations"
Harvey's entered in a science contest with his new rescue drone against stiff competition, including Samantha's blue diamond-powered laser driller (actually built by a relative). When parts of the science projects disappear, including the rare blue diamond, Lassie returns with one of the stolen parts and is accused of stealing all of them and locked up. The kids secretly spring Lassie and discover the stolen items in a magpie's nest. But the birds steal the diamond again and Harvey's invention is used to rescue it (and Nick). The Barn Gang steal all the ranger's keys to free Lassie, but she's already loose.

26. "The Soapbox Grand Prix"
Harvey and Doc Dudley design a soap box racer for Zoe that still needs a few tweaks. The kids decide to paint the racer as an advertisement for Mrs. Lee's Happy Camper store, which has lost business since the Humphrey hotel opened a gift shop. They discover Samantha has a specially-made entry publicizing her uncle's shop (of course) and she and her uncle are not above dirty tricks to win. Zoe and Lassie don't get to the finish line first, but are lauded for their skill and good sportsmanship, so still win the day. The Barn Gang wants to help Mrs. Lee, too, and steal her banner to wave at the finish line. (For once, they were useful!)

(Does Samantha never get caught for the stuff she pulls? She clearly had a motor on that soapbox racer, which means she should have never gotten the trophy at all. She reminds me of Joey Brill in the "Happy Hollisters" book series.)


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